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Previously, Innovation Unit was under the management of Consultancy and Innovation Bureau, to manage all matters related to UKM technology transfer to the industry. Today, it is located under the management of Centre for Research and Innovation Management (CRIM) starting from January 2001. The technology transfers done by UKM were based on UKM’s research activities.

  1. Under the aegis of the Director of CRIM, Innovation Unit workforce is as per below:
    1. Director of CRIM
    2. Deputy Director (Innovation)
    3. Officers (Innovation)
    4. Administrative Assistant (Secretary)

  2. Innovation Unit of CRIM is responsible for managing all results and outcome from pre-commercialization and development activities, technology transfer, and research contracts. In the efforts of commercializing research results/end products, protection of Intellectual property always plays an important role. Therefore, Innovation Unit is also responsible in matters such as managing patents.
Technology Transfer Committee
  1. What is Technology Transfer

    Technology transfer is a process of handing over a set of products ( i.e methodologies, results of research,etc) from research institute/university (i.e UKM) to people from the industry who can market it, thus commercializing the products.
  2. Generally research products/outcomes has to go through several processes such as ‘upscaling’ as it is not suitable to be commercialized and sometimes it is not upto the standards acceptable by the industry and market.
  3. In that sense, a committee was formed in 1999 to look over and make the necessary decisions on patents and commercialization.
  4. Each year, two official committee meetings will be held to discuss all related matters on technology transfer.
  5. The main committee members are as follows:
    1. Prof. Dr. Ikram M. Said
      (Deputy Vice Canselor, Academics) as Chairman

    2. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yusof Hj Othman
      (Director of CRIM)

    3. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Mohamad Deraman
      (Deputy Director (Innovation),CRIM)

    4. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yahaya
      (Academic Development Centre)

    5. Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sahari
      (Advanced Engineering Centre)

    6. Prof. Dr. Takiah Iskandar
      (Faculty of Business Administration)

    7. Prof. Dr. Wan Ramli Wan Daud
      (Faculty of Engineering)

    8. Prof. Madya Dr. Nik Ismail Nik Daud
      (Faculty of Science and Technology)

    9. Prof. Madya Kamal Halili
      (Faculty of Law)


  6. Innovation Unit has been organizing activities such as promotion programs and awareness programs, for researchers in topics such as technology transfers with partners such as:
    1. Golden Hope – Lectures on ‘Commercialization’ and ‘Technology Transfer’, conducted in Bangi and Kuala Lumpur Campus
    2. SIRIM – A visit by lecturers and students to SIRIM Intellectual Property Services
    3. SIRIM – A half-day seminar on ‘Patents’, collaboration with SIRIM

How to apply

  1. Researchers who are interested, will need to apply to Centre for Research and Innovation Management with their research proposal attached together.

    The proposal will then be forwarded to ‘Technology Transfer Committee Meeting’ for consideration.